Facial Reflexology2022-10-13T07:17:52-06:00

Facial Reflexology can be traced back many centuries around the world.

This form of facial reflexology treatment applies the mapping of Chinese acupuncture, as well as the South American, specifically the Andean Incas mapping, and traditional Vietnamese as well.   It is combined with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of today’s world.

It is a very relaxing and non-invasive treatment, in which not only the face, but the entire body is treated and supported.

There are numerous reflex points in the face that relate to the organs, glands and parts of the body.

Benefits include:

*Promoting deep relaxation

*release of tension

*detoxification and lymphatic drainage

*easing of headaches and migraines

*improving hormonal issues

*increased circulation

*easing of anxiety and depression

*easing of TMJ

*improving of sinus issues

*can improve Bell’s Palsy

A treatment session is 45 minutes, and many people fall asleep, as it very quickly shifts the nervous system into the parasympathetic mode, our “rest and repair” state.

I received my certification in March 2021 from the very knowledgeable Helga Petersen through the HCP Reflexology Institute.